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3D Fish School Screensaver brings to users an unique 3D screen in a diverse and vivid aquarium to decorate and protect your computer.

3D Fish School Screensaver provides the most vivid aquarium for your screen. With extremely sharp images and graphics, it brings to you a stunning and splendid screen instead of boring backgrounds.

3D Fish School Screensaver allows users to choose over 100 fish including saltwater and freshwater fish and aquatic plants and crystals in a diverse water environment. You can set all fish appear at the same time or choose your favorite fish to decorate your computer.

3D Fish School Screensaver uses pretty unique graphic techniques to bring the best experience on color, light to user. It will help you to have exciting experience when sitting in front of the computer.

Main features of 3D Fish School Screensaver

- Unique aquarium to decorate your screen

3D Fish School Screensaver allows users to use and enjoy unique 3D technology integrated to the screen. With this software, users are likely to emerge in nature in the sea even though they are at home, office or anywhere. After working hard with the computer, it is the best to relax with fish swimming in the aquarium. It will give you relaxation, inspiration and creativeness for your work.

- Set effects on 3D screen:

Users can aquarium design by changing type of fish, coral, crystal and rocks with various effect and color in order to enjoy unique artwork from water environment. Each aquarium can contain 100 types of fish.  can set effects such as sponge, or the way fish swim to make the aquarium more exciting. In addition, if you feel messy with too many objects in the aquarium, you can delete all except water and fish.

- Audio effect for aquarium:

3D Fish School Screensaver also provides amazing audio effects to make the aquarium realer. Sounds can be turned off if users find it impact on other works.

- Set time period for each effect:

Fish in the aquarium can swim toward the left or the right. If you feel boring with this repeated mode, you can change it and change fish in the aquarium after a certain period.

- Integrate clock to screen:

An unique feature is that user can set a time clock to the aquarium to view the time. This is a pretty good advantage of 3D Fish School Screensaver.

- Easy to use:

According to lots of users’ opinions, this software is very easy-to-use. Accessing function is not too difficult and it can be used fluently with simplest steps.

- Protect screen:

Besides the function of decorating the screen, this application is also used to protect and prevent unauthorized access to your computer

Updated date: 10/26/2013

Download 3D Fish School Screensaver
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