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3D Chip is an application to help you search the missing drivers for your computer. This software is particularly useful when the drivers of the hardware is faulty or you have just installed the new operating system.

3DP Chip is the solution to save time in searching drivers for your computer from the Internet. This program is useful to detect drivers automatically and returns the results to the computer.

When you launch 3DP Chip, it will list the statistics of computer components such as motherboard, CPU, speakers, mouse, video card issue, the sound card, etc. and Driver list. The software will search the suitable Drivers for your computer, and help you connect to the Internet right after installing the new operating system.

After connecting to the internet, 3DP Chip will help you find and download the missing drivers. You just have to click on the computer's components that need to upgrade drivers, the software will complete the remaining work for you.

3DP Chip has an easy-to-use and lightweight interface. It runs smoothly without occupying much system resources, and it is totally free. It is considered to be a must-have tool to use after the computer encounters driver error or installs new operating system.

Main features of 3DP Chip

- Automatically search and install Mainboard Driver :

Mainboard (Motherboard) contains the computer processor, chipset, PCI slots, AGP slots, memory slots, and controller for mouse, drives, printer and keyboard, etc. If a motherboard is inactive or sluggish, your computer may have a lack of drivers. In this case, you can use 3DP Chip to search the missing drivers for these components and help the computer run more smoothly.

- Search Drivers for graphic cards:

Graphic cards is used to process images on the computer. Therefore, it will be uncomfortable if the computer screen is crashed or the image is not sharp due to the lack of Driver. 3DP allows you to search the exact driver which is compatible with with this component, so your computer will process the image at the highest quality.

- Search network card driver:

Network Card is an indispensable component to help your computer access the Internet. Find the most compatible Drivers for network card driver will not only help you computer access the internet more stably but also accelerate web browsing speed.

- Search, download, and install Driver with internet connection:

The program will automatically search for drivers right after the computer has internet connection and returns the results for you to select the missing drivers or the most compatible ones.

- Provide links to the homepage of the drivers in case there is no internet connection.

You can still search drivers even when you do not have an internet connection. 3DP will provide the direct links to the homepage of the drivers to add them to the computer or upgrade them.

- Be lightweight and easy-to-use:

In addition, the application is also lightweight and occupies little system resources. 3DP is very easy-to-use for users. You just need to download and install 3DP, the program will classify clearly the folder for each driver such as mainboard drivers, network card drivers, graphic card drivers, etc. You will base on these folders to find the most suitable ones for your computer.

The outstanding features compared to other programs of the same function

Other programs have the same functions to 3DP such as Driver Easy, DriverPack Solution, or Driver Identifier. The outstanding feature of 3DP is that it can search exactly the required drivers, provide the source and download links for them. Therefore, you do not need to worry that these links are incorrect or redirect to the websites containing malware.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download 3DP Chip
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