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A4Desk Flash Video Player supports users to create applications in order to watch impressive available flash videos, easily without coding.

A4Desk Flash Video Player is a tool that helps you add videos to web page, create flash video by embedding video into your existing website. You will have a gallery run by impressive and professional Flash. Created file can be distributed on CD-ROM or used as a slideshow.

A4Desk Flash Video Player supports in converting videos to Flash Video format automatically. You are allowed to add video files in the playlist that is saved in different web servers.

A4Desk Flash Video Player allows you to create a photo album in your own style special effects, and edit and modify the properties of Albums such as size and background music.

Main features of A4Desk Flash Video Player

- Create a convenient flash video player:

A4Desk Flash Video Player allows you to create and embed various videos in websites with high speed without requiring code, and embed the video into your current websites (HTML ASP, PHP)

- Create a Flash Video with simple steps:

You just need to choose flash video in your favorite collection, fill out the basic information when adding video, edit output parameters and then export it in HTML format, and you will have a complete video to put on your site. You can save it anywhere on your computer without any supporting devices.

- Convert Video format:

The software helps users convert all kinds of compatible video and video files to FLV format for web streaming. (MPG, AVI, WMV, ASF, DVDRip, DivX, Xvid, MOV, 3GP)

- Supports in watching various videos at the same time:

You can import various video files into a playlist, then set the video modes in sequence or random. This is an outstanding feature of the software in comparison with other similar applications that just allow you to play one video at a time.

- Support in downloading files online:

You can add video files on the websites to your playlist to watch Flash video saved in different web servers.

- Provide various Video player’s appearance:

This utility provides a collection of various appearances for Video Flash player. You can change colors, background mode and lots of different factors of Flash Video, and create an appropriate player in your own style.

- Allow playing in full screen:

This flash player supports full screen function for viewer to enjoy the most unique flashes.

- Customize video’s title:

All created video can be easily modified. You can add note and edit text in the video with Unicode and various languages ​​around the world. Therefore you can play video and display message in your own style.

- Protect copyright for Website:

The software allows you to name your site and icons in video player to imply you as the owner of the video player, it protects your copyrights in case the video is posted on other websites.

- No limits on size and time:

You can add videos to playlists with any size, and choose Video play time and re-use whenever you want.

- Easy to control:

Tab on the interface is distributed very clearly so that you can easily change name of topic, insert, replace or delete any photo, edit effects quickly.

Updated date: 07/02/2014

Download A4Desk Flash Video Player
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