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Acala DVD Copy is a powerful program assisting users in backing up or burning DVD movies to any DVD discs with high speed and quality.

Acala DVD Copy lets users make back up DVD videos on different types of hard drive, so users won’t meet any difficulties when working with any types of discs available. In addition, the program supports users in copying DVD-5/DVD-9 types DVD movies, such as to DVD-9 discs (Dual Layer).

In addition, Acala DVD Copy also provides you with other features to protect or save your DVD movies such as burning DVD movies to DVD - R (W) or DVD + R (W), compressing DVD-5/DVD-9 type DVD movies to DVD - 5 discs and banking up movies and hard disk back on laptops. These are all powerful features that make you more active in saving any important DVD videos for your work or keeping them as a souvenir.

The outstanding advantage of Acala DVD Copy is the ability to copy a DVD in one-fifth of the time it takes to play it entirely. Not only that, the sound and images are guaranteed in terms of quality and fully synchronized. Therefore, you can be sure of backing up your favorite or important videos.

Main features of Acala DVD Copy:

- Work with different kinds of DVD discs.
- Allows to copy DVD-5/DVD-9 type DVD movies to DVD-9 (Dual Layer).
- Support backing up and secure DVD movies, such as burning DVD movies to DVD - R (W) or DVD + R (W), compressing DVD-5/DVD-9 to DVD-5 and backing up movies on hard disk on laptop.
- Copy a DVD in one-fifth of the time it takes to play it.
- Ensure good quality of images and synchronize them completely.

Updated date: 12/20/2013

Free Download Acala DVD Copy
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