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Kevin Pham

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is a software that helps us recover the lost passwords of Microsoft Office documents including Word, Excel and Access files. The program can work with all versions of Microsoft Office (from Office 95 to office 2013).

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery possesses powerful tools which allow us to find passwords of the lost files 60 times faster than the similar software. The program use advanced dictionary feature to search for your password. It is integrated with a massive words volume dictionary, based on your habit of setting passwords to filter the most accurate passwords and therefore shorten the recovery time.

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery supports to recovery different types of password like open password, access password, and password with numbers and/or characters, etc. All can be easily recovered by this tool. With the old versions of Microsoft Office, this software can perform very fast due to low level of security mechanism; however, the newer versions might takes it more time to recover your passwords.

With new versions of Microsoft Office, Accent OFFICE Password Recovery uses three methods to recover password including Brute-Force attacks, Brute-Force attacks based on Mask and dictionary-based attacks. For each different levels of passwords, the program will make relevant solutions to achieve optimal performance.

Compare to similar programs, Accent OFFICE Password Recovery achieve higher performance along with support for all versions of Microsoft Office, but its size is still extremely light. It will help you be assured when you forget your encrypted password.

Main features of Accent OFFICE Password Recovery:

-    Recover passwords of documents created by Microsoft Office
-    Integrated with a huge dictionary for faster password recovery
-    Support different recovery methods
-    Simply and automatically perform
-    Support many versions of Microsoft Office, from low to high versions.

Updated date: 10/09/2013

Download Accent OFFICE Password Recovery
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