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Ace Buddy is an interesting utility helping users convert English documents into speech with different voices.

Ace Buddy allows users easily turn English documents into speech with an assortment of voices. The software provides users with a collection of lovely cartoon characters. Each cartoon character in the collection will have a different voice. Users can optionally select a character for reading a text document or set a character as default for the entire application. Characters selected will be displayed right on the screen associated with interesting actions which can be changed depending on voices.

Ace Buddy allows you to read documents from various sources such as document, Internet, etc.

You can read your text documents by different methods such as blackening and pressing Ctrl +C, moving document files into a list or playing available documents on the Clipboard.

Ace Buddy also supports hot keys on keyboards to carry out manipulations, making your manipulations quicker and easier.

With Ace Buddy software, you can familiarize with various English voices of reading. On the other hand, it will make your English learning simpler and more interesting. This software is typically suitable for English teaching for children.

Key features of Ace Buddy:

- Turn English documents into speech
- Have a collection of many cartoon characters with various voices
- Provide multiple methods of document reading
- Support hot keys

Updated date: 04/25/2015

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