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Adobe Acrobat Pro is a professional tool that allows you to create and edit PDF files to make the file management and sharing become easier and more efficient.

Adobe Acrobat Pro can be used to create a new PDF file, edit and modify files as your personal opinion for the more convenient management, or share these files using SendNow or via Email.  Adobe Acrobat Pro is designed and developed by the famous software firm Adobe Systems.

In fact, users (particularly officers, those who have to work with document everyday) always use PDF files to share their data or transfer them via Internet.  When these data are compressed or protected by password, it requires the professional software to access or edit PDF files.  Adobe Acrobat Pro can help you create such files.

On the market today, there are a lot of software to create new and edit PDF file such as Nitro PDF, PDF Editor, VeryPDF or well-known tools like FoXIit PDF Editor. However, Adobe Acrobat Pro is always the first choice of the majority of users in the world.  With the features that it offers, Adobe Acrobat Pro is the worthy software to create and edit PDF files.

Main features of Adobe Acrobat Pro

- Automatically create PDF files by opening any file formats.

This program allows users to convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML formats, or image formats like BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG to PDF. Thus, users can create PDF files for modificationa and comment.  Users can also onvert PDF files from printers by selecting the bult-in features in the program.

- Edit PDF files

With Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, you can edit the minor errors in the documents such as typing mistakes and font, or insert texts to PDF files very easily.   Moreover, images in PDF files can be resized or replaced by other one without any support from other software such as Photoshop, Paint, etc.

- Convert PDF files to different formats:

You can use Adobe Acrobat XI Pro to convert PDF files to MS Office document formats such as DOC, DOCXI, XILS, XILSXI, PPT, PPTXI while preserving the original format and content.

- Share files using online SendNow or via Email:

Adobe Acrobat Pro integrates online SendNow software and Email storage such as MS Outlook and MS outlook Exchange so that users can easily share PDF files with others or upload them to the internet.

- Scan paper documents to PDF:  

If you have a document saved on the paper or a digital photo, the program allows you to scan these documents using the built-in scanning function and save them as PDF format, so you can easily find and edit them.

- Ability to open multiple windows and projects at the same time:

You can use Adobe Acrobat Pro to open multiple PDF files simultaneously in separated windows. Thanks to this feature, you can compare the files and process them more quickly and effectively.

- Create notes, signature, and bookmark for PDF documents:

Users can create notes, signature, and bookmark for each PDF document. Acrobat Pro can help you to customize and add more information to your documents.

- Protect PDF files:  

In transferring files, Adobe Acrobat Pro also helps protecting files by password. Users can create their own passwords to secure their files.  Adobe Acrobat Pro adopts the powerful encryption algorithm, so you can completely assure about the passwords that you created and keep them from curios eyes.

- User-friendly and user-oriented interface:

Adobe Acrobat Pro comes with a user-friendly interface. Each tool with its own function are arranged logically in the program menu or tabs so that users can easily locate them.

- Multilingual support:

The program supports a wide range of languages ​​such as German, English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian, Slovenian, Turkey, Ukranian, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Czech, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.  For Arabic and Hebrew, the user interface is in English and Arabic / Hebrew.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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