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Action Timer is the multi-functional software which times to open or close programs and the operating system. This application can control all running processes on the system, create and report tasks, remind or send emails effectively. This feature contributes to protect your computer and save power of the system.

Action Timer integrates multiple functions to schedule to shutdown and start your computer or running processes. The program`s interface is divided into tabs so that you can view the state of applications, running tasks or results and manipulate your computer quickly. You can view detailed information about processes to set time to remind of sending mail effectively.

With Action Timer, you can time to manipulate the system, open the screen automatically, edit or create a new list of tasks. In addition, this tool also displays symbols above tasks so that you can know their state. The Setting part also enables you to play sound and extend time of tasks.

Action Timer supports doing multiple tasks at a time so that you can control all processes on the system and save the computer resources. Tasks are done automatically and users will gain benefits maximumly.

Main features of Action Timer:

- Set time to shutdown the computer automatically
- Manage running processes on the system
- Open the screen automatically
- View, edit and create the task list
- Time to remind of sending mails effectively

Updated date: 04/23/2014

Free Download Action Timer
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