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Active@ Hard Disk Monitor is the application that is designed to help you in monitoring hard drive status, detecting all breakdowns; so that you can do all timely solutions, protect hard disk drive from damages those can steal all your data in a flash.

Active@ Hard Disk Monitor can help you to monitor frequently all operations and status of your pc hard drive. By integrated with S.M.A.R.T technology, this program can monitor and detect all breakdowns happening in HDD. Once breakdown is found, this program would send alert message (via Email, pop-up message), thus you can acknowledge and reach decisions to prevent files from entire loss or damage

Active@ Hard Disk Monitor then auto scans entire disk drives on computer system, displays all malicious information, breakdowns may do harm to your pc disk drives. You can see the temperature releasing from disk drive by observing program’s temperature icon. The information may contents Serial, Model, etc. which are displayed in detail.

Active@ Hard Disk Monitor’s key features include:

-  Monitor HDD’s status.

-  Integrate S.M.A.R.T technology.

-  Detect all breakdowns happened to your pc.

-  Send Email, pop-up messages once breakdowns happen.

-  Display disk drive’s temperature.

-  Monitor pc remotely.

-  Run automatically when computer system starts.

Updated date: 11/27/2013

Free Download Active Hard Disk Monitor
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