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Adept PDF to Word converter allows users to convert PDF files to Word, so that users can edit and reuse PDF files’ content.

Adept PDF to Word converter offers users with tools to convert PDF file’s format but still keep files’ quality. This utility can automatically adjust page’s size in order to make it fit defaulted Word’s size.

This software is programmed with 2 converting modes for users, including Easy Reading and Easy Editing. Easy Reading is Only-Read converting mode. In this mode, PDF files’ structure, lay-out, images etc. are kept unchanged but users may meet some limits in editing. Meanwhile, Easy Editing mode lets users edit, copy, paste etc. files’ content, images but files’ structure just changes a little from original PDF files.

Adept PDF to Word converter is a standalone software so it needs no support from other applications like Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader during file-converting process.

Adept PDF to Word converter’s main features:

- Convert PDF files’ format to Word
- Auto adjust page’s lay-out
- Offer 2 converting modes: Easy Reading và Easy Editing
- Not require other applications such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Acroabat or Acrobat Reader

Updated date: 11/14/2013

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