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Kevin Pham

Advanced File Lock 7 is an encrypting software that allows you to set password for any file to prevent it from other accessions. Moreover, the software provides you many useful features to decide which secret files to be protected.

Advanced File Lock is designed in a simple way for easy using with intuitive options right on the main window. With only one click on any file, you can set the password and ensure absolute safety for that file. The password can include both numbers and alphabetic characters, it is recommended to be as long and complex as possible. Anyone who wants to access to that file must enter the correct password, otherwise it could not be opened.

Advanced File Lock also provides powerful features such as delete all the encrypted files on your computer in case of an emergency and you want to prevent recovery software from recovering your deleted data. This feature ensures the data that you eliminated will be gone forever. Besides that, this is a light software. Despite running in the background, it does not slow down your computer, your system will still run smoothly and you do not need to be a computer expert to use all of its features.

Another advantage of Advanced File Lock is that when you share a computer with another using 2 different accounts, you set a password to encrypt a file with your account, then it can only be opened by your account, not the other’s even when he has the Administrator rights.

In general, Advanced File Lock is a very efficient software and created for ordinary users.

Main features of Advanced File Lock:

-    Encrypt any file or folder with password
-    Simple design, easy to use, save system resources
-    Delete the encrypted data forever in case of emergency
-    Set log in role to encrypt and decrypt data.

Updated date: 10/10/2013

Free Download Advanced File Lock
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