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Advanced Uninstaller Pro helps you uninstall applications on your computer quickly and effectively. The program provides various uninstallation methods for you to choose.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro is the tool to remove completely all the installation of applications on your computer. Moreover, the program can also fix faulty registry keys of the Windows. This is an advanced version with lots of improved features and compatible with Windows 8.

Particularly, Advanced Uninstaller Pro also provides lots of features such as Installation Monitor, StartUp Manager, Windows Services, Quick Cleaner, Font Manager, Control Panel Manager, Web Tools. The tool will display all applications in the system and help you remove any applications, startup items running in the system tray which slow down your computer.

In addition, Advanced Uninstaller Pro also allows you to search and remove duplicate files, unrecoverable files, and web browsing history. The program will create backup, recover registry of Windows, display information about the applications on the computer.
 In addition, with the hotkeys, you can work with the program more easily.

Main features of Advanced Uninstaller Pro:

- Uninstall applications in the system quickly and effectively.

The built-in function "Uninstall a program" of the computer can only remove the installation of normal applications, but it cannot remove the more complicated ones. Advanced Uninstaller Pro can uninstall all applications that are not necessary for your computer including the hardest ones.

- Display information of applications in the system.

The program will display the detailed information about all applications installed on your computer such as the name, manufacturer, installation date, version, etc. Select the unnecessary applications to remove immediately.

- Clean the system effectively:

 The function "Services Manager" of the program can help you scan the entire computer system, clean the traces of web browser, deleted files in Recycle Bin, recently download documents, and temporary files.

- Search and delete duplicate files.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro can be used to search and remove duplicate files in folders (including files in compressed folders) of your computer. In addition, the program can also delete the unrecoverable files.

- Delete browsing history.

The tool "Internet Browser" of Advanced Uninstaller Pro helps you remove all information stored on web browsers such as web browsing history, bookmarks, manage cookies, incomplete download applications, temporary internet files, and attached add-in.

- Back up, recover Registry of Windows.

- Improve the efficiency of the computer:

The program can remove the installations of applications to free space for the system, improve the system's efficiency and accelerate web browsing speed.

- Support hotkeys.

The program support hotkeys to help you work right on the keyboard without the support of the mouse.

- Have average size and easy installation.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro occupies average resources of the computer system, provides a support file to guide users the functions of each tool in detail, and answers all your questions during the use of this software.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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