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Advanced Webcam Recorder provides function to capture video and identify to help users secure important locations.

Advanced Webcam Recorder can combine with integrated webcam in a laptop or USB webcam. In addition, the program allows user to record by multiple webcams at once.

Advanced Webcam Recorder can also record sound and capture video at the same time, which allows you to have a video with audio. On the other hand, with a face recognition function, the program helps users to monitor easily. You can also set the thickness of the circle, ealrt information and alert sound when detecting objects.

The software also provides function to automatically send alert email to users. You can also schedule the software to start and stop recording at any time by entering date and time to the program. Especially Advanced Webcam Recorder allows users to adjust the screen’s size, camera’s angles, time caption, ect, for the video.

The main features of the software Advanced Webcam Recorder:

- capture video with sound.
- Detect face.
- Report to users
- Customize the screen’s size, camera’s angles, alert sound, ect
- Set software to automatically recording or stop recording.

Updated date: 04/21/2014

Download Advanced Webcam Recorder
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