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Tony Nguyen

Anyplace Control is a tool that allows you to control your computer simply from anywhere in the world.

Anyplace Control lets you control your personal computer, desktop computer wherever you are, even if you do not sit in front of a computer. The remote accession is performed easily with Anyplace Control, to be an expert on computer or network or not, you only have to perform a few steps to use this application.

Anyplace Control allows you to create an account for the computer. With this account, you can access your computer freely from anywhere.

Anyplace Control allows you to perform tasks with mouse and keyboard remotely. This features will help you work like using your real computer.

Especially, Anyplace Control saves your bandwidth and is optimized for narrow bandwidth, slow connection, so you can work faster and easier.

Main features of Anyplace Control:

- Online connection to the computer without using password

- Determine module type in the address window

- Improve online connection speed

- Change minor interface

- Fix some basic errors.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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