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Apache Tomcat provides a HTTP server for Java programming language to execute command programs written in Java language, edit configuration files written in XML. This utility supports web development projects very efficiently.

Apache Tomcat allows running a Web server supporting for Java and Applet instead of running in the Internet browser. This will be very helpful to improve and increase the reliability as well as the response time for the end users, satisfy complicated demands of customers in web development projects.

Apache Tomcat includes Jasper (a redesign of the JSP toolkit), Cataline (redesign of Servlet) and Coyote (a HTTP connector). These applications can run in the interface of popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Apache Tomcat supports individuals and enterprises very effectively because it can process a large number of demands including online web applications, data packages circulating between the server and clients. Moreover, it can also customize easily according to the demands, scale of each organization, enterprise.

Key features of Apache Tomcat:

- Provide the HTTP server for Java language
- Create the pure environment to develop Java programming
- Quickly process requests of customers
- Be compatible with lots of browsers.

Updated date: 07/03/2014

Free Download Apache Tomcat 64 bit
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