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Ariolic Disk Scanner is a special program which is designed with many useful tools to support users in scanning and detecting bad elements on their hard drive with an extremely high accuracy.

Ariolic Disk Scanner is able to quickly scan the whole hard drive on the computer to check and report on some vital information of the drive’s heath. This is the very first fundamental feature which plays an essential role in getting the best result while checking your drive’s heath.

Thanks to Ariolic Disk Scanner, you are reported with a clear picture after scanning process. This is the clear and detailed picture of your hard drive status where the good and bad clusters marked, so you can see the status of your disk at a glance and a list of files with read error. It is regarded as the most outstanding feature of this program so that users can know how healthy their hard drive is and give a suitable solution.

Another advantage of Ariolic Disk Scanner that we can’t deny is its amazing working speed without any unwanted error or trouble. All processes of scanning or reporting are performed in a blink of eyes; therefore, you don’t need to wait so long to deal with bad elements.

Some main features of Ariolic Disk Scanner:

-    Support users to scan thoroughly the whole hard drive to control its status
-    Report clearly on the hard drive’s health and the good and bad clusters marked
-    Scan and report very quickly
-    Work stably without any error.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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