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Aro 2013 provides you with wonderful features to clean and optimize computer system. The tool helps you scan and remove redundant files, trash, empty folsder, fix registry error, defragment hard disk, etc. and many other features to clean the computer.

Aro 2013 offers users features to clean and optimize computer system rapidly and effectively. This is considered a useful tool to maintain your computer as it can remove all damaged and redundant files, error applications, fix registry errors, defragment the hard disk, etc. Therefore, it can free more space for the hard disk and accelerate the computer.

Aro 2013 can scan the full system quickly and securely because it adopts advanced algorithms to clean the computer just in a few steps. Particularly, Aro 2013 secures your data and does not affect the performance of the computer during the scanning.

Aro 2013 can also be used to detect and repair registry errors. To secure your important data, Aro 2013 will automatically backup fixed data.  You can also preview the detailed list of faulty or invalid registry files to have the appropriate method for repairing.

Aro 2013 enables you to search and remove trash, temporary files of internet browsers, recycle bin, cache, etc. Furthermore, Aro 2013 also allows users to set the schedule to automatically optimize the system daily, weekly, etc.

Main features of Aro 2013:

- Clean and optimize the system effectively:

The application helps users scan the entire system to remove damaged files, faulty programs, and fix repair to free space for hard disk. Therefore, your computer will not be damaged.

- Protect data and accelerate computer.

- Detect and repair registry errors.

The application enables users to clean registry, fix and remove faulty applications in computer system. It can also backup data automatically to avoid data loss.

- Defragment the Registry.

This application supports you in analyzing and defragmenting Registry to enhance the system's efficiency.

- Work in schedule.

Users can set scanning schedule for Aro 2013 to scan regularly and continuously to enhance the efficiency of the operating system.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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