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Asterisk Password Recovery is absolutely an effective recovery program. This software can recover all hidden passwords on chat box, websites or hidden in asterisk mode.

You have to surf various websites simultaneously, how can you remember all account information of each one? When this case happens, you may take long time to recover them with manual ways. Developed to save your time, Asterisk Password Recovery can recover all your passwords rapidly.

With Asterisk Password Recovery, you can recover all popular passwords those are utilized on common websites, applications. To the hidden passwords in (******) asterisks, it can recover for you in a short time.

This software has an intuitive interface, so that it’s friendly to all users, including who are amateur. Program configuration can be set up depending on your interest. Besides, this program is installed with displaying hidden passwords, put them onto main task bar. As a result, it can recover all passwords of all applications, such as: Google Talk, ICQ, Paltalk, Digsby, CuteFTP, FileZilla, MySpaceIM, AIM Pro, etc.

Asterisk Password Recovery’s key features:

-  Recover all hidden passwords on websites and applications.
-  Detect passwords even those are in asterisk forms.
-  Update the latest versions frequently.

Updated date: 07/03/2014

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