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AutoClick helps users click mouse buttons automatically without using hands. This is an efficient tool for the work and applications that require lots of mouse clicking such as playing games.

AutoClick helps users create virtual mouse to manipulate the computer.  With this software, users only have to set up the available clicking modes on its interface, it will automatically click the mouse for you.

AutoClick allows users to set up the basic modes such as single click, double click, click intervals, and hotkeys from the keyboard to support your work.

In internet community, AutoClick is widely used among gamers thanks to its convenient and special features.

Main features of AutoClick:  

- Automate mouse clicks

If you often have to work with the mouse, your hands now are completely free thanks to the useful features of this software.
When you play games on computer or do some tasks that require unlimited mouse clicks, you will feel tired and lack of concentration.  AutoClick will help you reduce remarkably these manipulations, so it is considered your other hand.

- Free the hands

With AutoClick, you can automatically click mouse buttons without using hands. Whenever you play games or do some tasks with repetitive mouse clicks, your hands will be completely free thanks to the useful features of this software.  You just have to set up the hotkey in AutoClick and do not have to care about the mouse any more because AutoClick will do the entire work for you.

- Select mouse click modes.

This application allows users to set up automatic clicks for right or left button, single or double clicks.  This automatic mode can be stopped anytime you want.
- Select click intervals.

This application support users flexibly in clicking the mouse according to hour, minute, second (1/10 second, 1/100 second, and 1/1000 second).

- Display the detail manipulations.

The software can display the detail manipulations and the click intervals. For each manipulation, users can choose the position of the click, set the movement between specific points on the screen, select shortcuts, texts, and reset the intervals between activities.

- Save the click positions.

AutoClick integrates Smart Click function to save the repetitive positions to automate them the later time without selecting again.

- Support hotkeys.

This application supports F3, F4 buttons on the keyboard to start and exit the program and open tools on its interface.

- Click multiple points.

 If you automatically click on different points, you are able to repeat this manipulation for the desired points.

- Click in order.

This program can also click the mouse to any points on the screen.

- User-friendly interface.

The software possesses a simple square interface with the basic modes set up clearly, so it is easy-to-use for every user.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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