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AutoCopy is a wonderful application to help you copy the contents on webpages. With AutoCopy, you can easily copy the content of "hard-to-deal" websites which only allow you to read.

AutoCopy is a lightweight tool designed to help you copy all the contents of a webpage just in a few steps.  AutoCopy is now preferred and widely used for its outstanding features.

With AutoCopy, you can easily copy the contents of the websites which are programmed to be read only, so you are not allowed to copy their contents.  This tool is really necessary for Copyright websites because just in a second, you can have the content of a website where copying is prohibited.

In addition, AutoCopy is also straightforward and lightweight, so it can work well on all versions of Windows and it is easy-to-use for all users, even those who does not have much experience with computer.

Main features of AutoCopy:

- Copy webpage contents.

AutoCopy is an add-on of Firefox which allows users to copy all the contents of a webpage very quickly and effectively.  Just in a few simple steps, users can copy the contents of the webpage including the text and images.

- Copy content of "hard-to-deal" webpages.

AutoCopy is developed using advanced algorithms, so it enables users to copy the content of webpages which are programmed to be read-only.  You can use this application very easily right on Firefox.

- Have an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

AutoCopy also offers a straightforward user interface which displays all the main functions. Therefore, it is particularly easy-to-use.

- High copy speed to improve the efficiency.

AutoCopy can copy data at a very high speed, so it help users save much time and effort to achieve the best efficiency.

- Be compatible with almost all versions of Windows.  

+ How to use AutoCopy?

AutoCopy is an add-on of Firefox, so its installation is very simple, just in some clicks.  After installation, you have to restart Firefox to accept the add-on.  Then, go to Tools > Add-ons > AutoCopy > Options. In Auto Copy Options, mark Deselect After Copy to deselect the copied area and mark Autocopy Context Menu to automatically copy the selected contents to MS Word.

You can select Edit Menu Item to display the edition table of the copied contents, click on Enable In Text Boxes to display the Dialog of copied contents.  If you select Copy Plain Text (requires Copy Plain Text extension), the application will only allow you to copy text from webpages. If you want to copy images, do not select this option.  After selecting the options, click OK to finish.

To copy the content on webpages which are programmed to be read-only, you only have to select the contents, follow the above mentioned steps, and open MS Word to paste them on.  If you want to copy the images, you may have to wait some more minutes for the application to process.

Updated date: 09/27/2013

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