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AutoScreenShot automatically takes screenshots by period of time set, customizes locations for storing images and exports images under a wide range of formats with good quality.

AutoScreenShot enables users to automatically take screenshots by their set periods. You only need to set the period of time and number of images needing to be taken, the software will automatically takes screenshots with a high quality and supports many prevalent image formats such as BMP, PNG, JPEG and GIF.

AutoScreenShot allows users to fully view images after being taken. Images will be displayed in the order of being taken with sufficient parameters. At the same time, this tool also restricts the maximum number of images taken to be stored on the drive and automatically delete old files to make room for new ones, ensuring the balance for hard drive and removal of repeated images. This application can also compress images taken to downsize images, facilitating image storage and viewing.

AutoScreenShot can operate silently on the system tray and take screenshots without affecting other programs on the computer. It is tiny and can operate well on all operating systems.

Key features of AutoScreenShot:

- Take screenshots easily and quickly

- Automatically take screenshots by period of time

- Support a variety of image formats

- Limit number of files taken screenshots

- Find and remove repeated images

Updated date: 11/28/2013

Free Download AutoScreenShot
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