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Voice Changer Software can change and create different voices for dubbing videos, presentations, film descriptions, voice messages, voice mails and so on.

Voice Changer Software is used for changing your voice in direct conversations or adding real-time effects for sound. If you do not want to let anyone know your real voice, this will be a useful program.

This program is very simple and easy-to-use. It can block any sound signals running through audio cards and change them. You can use Voice Changer Software to join WaveOut signals as well as DirectX sound. It means that the program is compatible with almost all multi-media softwares.

You can use the software to record you changed voice with a compatible Sound Recorder on Windows without encountering any obstructions or use calling feature of Yahoo Messenger while Voice Changer is still in operation.

Voice Changer Software allows you to listen to your changed voice in speaker: by clicking "Duplex", the program will record and play that sound immediately. You can change settings for your voice to make you become a little child, an opera singer or even a person with an opposite gender. The program provides hundreds of in-built voices which facilitate you to convert your voice with simple key combinations. Inevitably, you can change the volume and timbre of your voice.

Key features of Voice Changer Software

- Change voice.
- Change, adjust, improve and balance sound.
- Have a user interface enabling you to select many real-time effects.
- Have voice comparing function: comparing your voice with others’.
- Have hundreds of in-built voices.
- Automatically change volume and timbre.
- Be compatible with Internet-based programs.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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