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Awesome Screenshot For Firefox is a program that helps you to capture the screen of the website with ease.

You need to save the information on a computer screen. If saving manually, you will need to synthesize information which takes a lot of time. With Awesome Screenshot For Firefox, all you have to do is to capture the screen to save all the information you need without fear of missing any information.

This is an application with new features that benefits users a lot. Within just few simple operations such as mouse clicks, you can click on the camera icon on the program window to capture the whole web page even the hidden images.

Moreover, Awesome Screenshot For Firefox also helps you share information in the best way by editing the captured images, for example, blurring the image, adding annotations to the photos before sharing photos. Thus, this software not only helps you save information but also utilize it most effectively.

The main features of Awesome Screenshot For Firefox:

- Support website screenshots in a flash.
- Capture the virtual images that you can’t see.
- Support photo editing to sharing the best information.
- Simple operation and easy to use.

Updated date: 12/14/2013

Free Download Awesome Screenshot For Firefox
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