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Baidu Player is software developed by Baidu Corporation of China. This software is evaluated as video, film player with better quality and sound than KMP of Korea.

Baidu Player is free software developed by Baidu Corporation, a popular internet corporation established in 2000 in Beijing, China. Currently, this software is being one of the most popular applications in this country with more than 1 billion population.

The first pros of Baidu Player is that this application is a completely free software and simply designed. You just need to download it without any payment. Once it has new version, this software will automatically updates. Just like other music and film player software, Baidu Player supports all video and audio formats. The developers also shared that after you log out, this software will automatically save your last watching-point, and when you re-open it, the software will bring you to the point that you stopped last time.
The developers also stated that in the aim of helping users use Baidu Player easily, they have put shortcut keys and allowed you to adjust them for your convenience.

Furthermore, this software allows user to customize the interface, effect of brightness, sound and image quality to meet their “taste”. Some users shared that watching online film on this software is very smooth without lagging, buffering or waiting for film to load. Besides, this music and film player can also replace a downloader in downloading video and music. With few clicks and you can download them immediately. In addition, this software can automatically update music or film files to the list after being downloaded from internet.

Besides those above features, Baidu development unit also integrated the management function for downloading film and music video. This is a brand new feature that had never appeared in other video and music support software. This management feature allows users to manage their capacity easily.

Main features of Baidu Player that may gain your attention:

- Have simple and easy-to-use design, customize brightness, sound and image quality
- Support almost all current video and audio formats.
- Automatically save the last watch.
- Play online films quickly and smoothly without lagging.
- Provide function of managing capacity
- Automatically update films and music to list folder.

Updated date: 12/05/2014

Free Download Baidu Player
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