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Better Typing is the application which helps users increase the typing speed and effectiveness through exercises and practices at many levels. This software supports typing in most popular languages and supports users of different levels to type professionally just after a course with the program.

Better Typing helps users reduce the practice time by simple exercises and without looking at the keyboard. Moreover, this utility will also monitor and analyze the current typing style, detect and fix common mistakes. With this useful application, you do not need to take part in a typing course outside or a professor to guide you, but you still can advance your skill considerably.

Better Typing integrates exercises arranged part by part with the increasing levels of complexity so that users can self estimate their capacity through each exercise. You can view results and scores after each practice in details. Besides, this software also trains you the quick typing technique with the use of 10 fingers

Better Typing will make the typing become more interesting because you can learn while playing games but still improve your typing speed. This software is used my many users and proves that it can increase the typing productivity, reduce finger movements and save you a considerate amount of time. After a short time of practice, you can type as a reflex without encountering any difficulty.

Key features of Better Typing:

- Better typing skills through exercises.

If you are an office worker and frequently work with documents, make transactions via email with customers or simply you are a novice at computer, you need learn to type. Better Typing supports you very effectively in this case. This software will train and enhance typing skills for users through detailed guidances about how to type quickly and effectively.

- Integrate the technology to check spelling mistakes.

Better Typing will record typing mistakes users often encounter. It will make a statistics of spelling mistakes and typing methods you used for each exercise so that you can check in details and learn from mistakes.

- Support for many languages.

The program`s interface is translated into different languages such as English, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Spanish, etc. Thus, it suits many users.

- Control the screen size easily.

Documents you are typing are always in the same location on the screen and have the same size. You can also customize the size of the program`s interface in specific cases.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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