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Beyond Compare is an extremely powerful tool for comparing files and folders and removing duplicate data from your computer. Consequently, your computer system will run faster and more stable.

There are many causes that result in your computer slowdown over a period of time. One of the root causes may come from hard drives where redundant files are often generated. It is thus required to have a tool for managing and synchronizing all computer data. Beyond Compare is considered as an ideal solution to this problem.

Beyond Compare allows you to scan and compare data files to quickly detect duplicate files and delete them from your hard drive. After removal of duplicate files, Beyond Compare also supports you in synchronization of files and folders available on the computer system to use them scientifically and save time.

When running, Beyond Compare will automatically scan selected files and folders on the hard drives to detect the location of duplicate files and at the same time display the total files found along with their patches.

Standout features of Beyond Compare:

-Manage, scan and remove duplicate data files completely.

- Allow users to manage and synchronize all computer data easily.
- Compare files and folders by name, content, to search and delete duplicate files effectively
- Scan all selected folders and show a list of duplicate files for you to choose and remove them totally.

- Require no installation and be easy for all users.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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