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Tony Nguyen

BitNami RubyStack For Mac OS X makes the installation of Ruby on Rails more easily and conveniently.

BitNami RubyStack For Mac OS X provides users with a software pack containing all applications to install and support the operation of Ruby on Rails, including Rails, MySQL and Subversion. RubyStack has many versions. With a few simple operations, you can use Ruby on Rails to create a website for yourself.

BitNami RubyStack For Mac OS X arranges applications by layer; therefore, it is very convenient for you to use tools contained in your applications to edit and create websites.

BitNami RubyStack For Mac OS X is designed with multiplatform technology; therefore, the software is not only compatible with Mac OS X but is also able to operate on all other operating systems such as Windows, Linux, etc. Therefore, users will not encounter any difficulties in sharing Framework Rails among different operating systems.

BitNami RubyStack For Mac OS X is automatically installed. With just several clicks, users can complete the installing process within less than 30 seconds. After being installed, all components in the software will be ready for use.

Key features of BitNami RubyStack For Mac OS X:

- Provide Ruby on Rails software and other supporting softwares such as Rails, MySQL and Subversion. RubyStack puts different versions into a pack.
- Arrange applications by layer.
- Be compatible with various operating systems.
- Be installed automatically.

Updated date: 11/14/2013

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