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BitTorrent is the toolkit which allows users to synchronize P2P data (Peer-to-Peer), share resources over the peer to peer network protocol. With this application, you can download documents of large capacity without paying fees for server and network bandwidth.

BitTorrent uses modern technologies based on the TCP/IP standards with the close working principles. It also supports normal Internet transmission lines.  This software allows users to share, exchange and synchronize various types of data on the peer to peer internal network such as documents, Videos, audio files, images or any content of any capacity which are encrypted.

BitTorrent is able to transfer data at high speed, safely and assures the absolute information security. BitTorrent clients can compare, request and convey files on the network using the BitTorrent protocol. All files have the .torrent extension and contain information about URL address of the Server and information about shared files such as file name, size, the file length, etc.

BitTorrent also helps users download torrent files shared on Websites of any browsers (like Chrome, Firefox, etc.). Trackers will display the list of computers downloading data. BitTorrent protocol will split files which need downloading into smaller parts with the same size to reduce the capacity and accelerate the download speed.

Key features of BitTorrent:

- Support synchronizing data, sharing and downloading files.

BitTorrent can allow a group of computers on the network to share files with computers in the other group. With this utility, users can share, exchange as well as download large files without paying any fees for maintenance. Files shared through this protocol are encrypted, splitted into smaller files and have the very fast transferring speed.

- Support a large number of computers in the sharing circle.

BitTorrent allows multiple computers on P2P network to share data as well as download files simultaneously. With the close working principle, the coequal protocol of this application can make the most of computers on the interactive network to download large files. This tool also helps you create your favorite groups to remove computers having the bad support capability and replace them by ones having the better support bandwidth.

- Manage the downloaded files.

Trackers on the peer to peer network of BitTorrent always maintain a list of shared files and also contain the list of IP addresses of computer systems downloading files and  the list of previously downloaded files. This is very favorable in protecting the network security. BitTorrent has the advantage in the broad bandwidth like DSL, cable, satellite, etc.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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