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Blender is used to create vivid and beautiful 3D animations with lots of unique effects and techniques. The software employs tools to draw and design 3D animations for cartoons, users interfaces, advertisement, games, etc.

Blender provides users a sophisticated suite to design and edit 3D images such as drawing polygon, cube, split samples; creating shapes with detailed calculation on dimensions, scale, angle, sections, layer, length, and area.  The software helps users create drawings on a clear and flexible interface.  It provides such effects as wave, dot, blur, border, color, smog, etc. to make objects more lively and vivid.

Blender integrates an eye-catching library for users to select to apply for their work. Effects are categorized into different layers and level for users to use and apply more conveniently.  Blender can be used for modeling, UV cover (UV), surface texture, creating movement, adding water effects, particles, rendering, and creating interactive 3D applications, including games.

Blender also offers built-in tools to edit images, preview the design to have proper adjustment.  You can remove an effect if it is not satisfying, change color and size of elements on the objects, or even delete all of them.  

Main features of Blender:

 - Design 3D models.

With Blender, you can create 3D models rapidly with such basic functions as drawing, editing, measuring, rotating, and scaling shapes, place sections to view and work inside the model. This is an effective tool to create 3D objects for architecture, business, advertisement, 3D games.

- Create effects for models.

A series of effects are integrated for users to apply to and complete their designs.  Blender also provides the tools to create models and structure, animation, virtual effects, live scene, fur and hair effects, clothes for human, interaction for objects in 3D frame.

- Preview and edit the objects.

Users can preview products on the program's interface with 3D support, edit the details, change background color, add notes, create different visual angles for objects.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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