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Blubster is an original file sharing software which helps you share files quickly and easily like Gnutella so that you can easily use various networks to share or download files with no requirement for a server.

Being an unique software, Blubster helps you share your data on the Internet as simple as a piece of cake. With the peer-to-peer file sharing feature among networks such as Gnutella file, you can share and upload files on all computer systems with no requirement for a server.

Blubster works well on an assortment of file types, especially MP3 files. Moreover, the program can automatically help you share, search and download files with the best quality to meet your demand.

Via MANOLITO protocol, Blubster helps you interact with other computers and share & download files at a maximum speed. In addition, the program also supports you in managing and creating playlists for files downloaded in an automatic manner.

Blubster also brings you with a convenient space, enabling you to easily connect with your friends on the Internet through a ‘Hot List’. Furthermore, the program can also automatically recover the downloads of files to your computer when they are suddenly interrupted.

Key features of Blubster:

- Support peer-to-peer file sharing among networks like Gnutella files.

- Help you share and download files in a fast manner with no requirement for a server.

- Work well on a variety of file types, especially MP3 files.

- Automatically search and share high-quality files.

- Be integrated with MANOTILO protocol which allows you to share and download files at a high speed.

- Manage and create playlists automatically.

- Contribute ‘Hot list’function to connect with friends on the Internet.

- Automatically recover the interrupted file downloads.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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