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Buddi for Mac is a program that helps you manage your budget and finance status with little or no financial background.

Buddi for Mac is a program that works on the Java platform. It has the ability to create lists and accounts and check your spending habits as well as your transaction.

Obviously, if you are working with sensitive financial revenues, security is the biggest concern. The confidential information will be encrypted by Buddi for Mac when you request. Those confidential information will not be leaked even if you forget the password, there is no way to recover it because of the secured encryption of the developers.

Buddi for Mac does not have eye-catching interface, but it is very simple to use. You can choose and apply features to your account.

You can convert the data into different formats, although the number of supported format is quite limited. However, what it brings to user is more than enough for the necessary of personal financial and budget management. For those who do not want to spend large sums of money to buy expensive accounting software, this is a great choice.

Basic features of Buddi for Mac

- Create list, manage personal finance budget
- Operated on Java platform
- Provide password to protect important information
- Easy to use.

Updated date: 10/29/2013

Free Download Buddi for Mac
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