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Cain & Abel is a tool to help you search, retrieve, and decrypt passwords on Microsoft operating system. Cain & Abel supports users restore complicated passwords which are encrypted.

Cain & Abel can easily deal with lost password using robust and modern decryption algorithms. Cain & Abel is developed to be the efficient tool for network administrators and investigators to access to computer system encrypted by hackers. The author of this decryption tool is Massimiliano Montoro, a well-known computer programmer.

Cain & Abel employs advanced technologies to retrieve password for email or member account in websites and then displays the password in form of asterisks. Cain & Abel has high decryption speed, but it generally depends on the difficulty of the password. Beside retrieving passwords, Cain & Abel also supports recording VoIP conversations and analyze route protocols.

Cain & Abel is compatible and works well with Internet Explorer and Windows mail. In addition, this software supports detecting Dialup password, retrieving and saving password as text format.

Main features of Cain & Abel:

- Search and detect password:

Cain & Abel allows users to retrieve their password on the computer or internet easily using Dictionary, Brute-Force, and Cryptanalysis. With these new technologies, Cain & Abel can easily retrieve any passwords quickly.

- Decrypt and restore password:

Beside retrieving password, Cain & Abel can also decrypt password to access the system more quickly. Cain & Abel has high retrieving speed, so you can restore your password just in a wink.

- Record VoIP conversations:

Cain & Abel can also record VoIP conversations, thus allowing you to record the conversation between two computers easily without being detected. In addition, this tool also enables users to backup VoIP conversations and save as popular audio formats.

- Support rouge ARP:

Cain & Abel also acts as a tool to support users hack the internet by rouge ARP.  This features allows Cain & Abel users to connect to another computer in the network without being detected or spied.

- Support hacking wifi password:

Cain & Abel also supports users decrypt Wifi password even when the protection protocol is WAP or WAP2, the best internet accessing technology now. After detecting the password, you can convert or save the password to text for the next use.

 - Support different windows formats:

Cain & Abel can work well on various version of Windows operating system including the latest versions Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Updated date: 02/03/2017

Free Download Cain Abel
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