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Camera Viewer Pro is the tool for monitoring Cameras on the computer through USB port and IP Camera. This utility helps you know all happenings at home, in the company or wherever Camera is installed.
Camera Viewer Pro is the application which helps you control all Cameras on laptop or PC through USB port or IP Camera. Thanks to this utility, you can know all happenings at home, at the office or where Camera is installed. 
Camera Viewer Pro can display multiple camera images simultaneously. Depending on the number of cameras which are installed and connected to the system, the program will automatically adjust Video Cameras to suit the computer screen. Furthermore, to view detailed images of each Video, you can click on each Video and set up to watch Videos in the fullscreen mode.
When you add a new camera to the surveillance system, Camera Viewer Pro requires detailed parameters of each camera video such as device type, display font, image resolution, working schedule, etc. The utility runs on the motion detection mechanism with the given speed (how many frames per second).
Main features of Camera Viewer Pro :
- Monitor Video Cameras through USB port and IP Camera
- Run on the motion detection mechanism
- Display notifications via Email
- Display multiple Video Cameras simultaneously
- Display Video Camera in the fullscreen mode
- Add a new camera to the surveillance system easily
- Save Videos on the computer
- Take photos from a Video
  • Main function - Camera Viewer Pro:

Updated date: 07/15/2014

Free Download Camera Viewer Pro
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