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Chromium is a web browsers used to access internet safely and quickly with highly customization. In particular, Chromium integrates various add-ons, plug-ins to help web surfing process more convenient and absolutely safe.

Chromium is developed based on Google Chrome – a successful and preferable browser for lots of users. Chromium also gives users a new experience with powerful features that it offers.

Chromium support new web standards, bookmarks, cookies, search engines, and various advanced features for you to explore. Moreover, Chromium is also designed to manager websites in tabs and install shortcut of programs on your desktop.

Besides, Chromium offers lots of advanced features for users to customize. It brings to you the absolute security of web access activities by not saving any URL information, passwords, cookies, ect. All downloaded file will be displayed on desktop for easy management.

Furthermore, Chromium has quite simple interface for users to easily manipulate. The software has advanced security features to protect your computer from malicious and phishing programs by displaying notification when you access to unreliable sites and regularly updating the latest security.

Main features of Chromium:

- Provide web browser with trial version for you to surf easily and comfortably.
- Be able to access internet, log in email account, play games, ect comfortably.
- Absolutely secure web access activities by not saving any URL information, passwords, cookies, ect
-  Displaye downloaded file on desktop for easy management.
- Not use too much system resources, therefore it does not affect operation of other applications running on the system.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download Chromium
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