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Cleanup supports users to clean and clear the system through removing useless files on the hard drive, information in the Internet access process. Then, it will accelerate and optimize computer functions as well as protect your private information on computer safely.

Cleanup allows users to clear unnecessary files and folders on the computer. With this utility, you can remove Files in different formats such as image, music, Video, document, etc. safely without leaving any vestige. It helps you clean junk files on the hard drive quickly and easily. Right when the system is cleaned up, your computer will be accelerated and its efficiency will be much improved.

Cleanup also allows you to eliminate web surfing information on different browsers, for example, IE cache, IE cookies, Firefox cache, Firefox cookies, etc. As a result, you can protect absolutely email passwords, credit card number, online purchase accounts, even susceptible personal information. This feature helps your computer be secured to other people`s curiosity, especially when your computer is shared with many people.

Cleanup provides different options for file removal so that users can apply in a specific case. This means you can indicate what documents to be removed and what files to be kept by marking as you wish.

Key features of Cleanup:

- Clean and speed up the system.

Having operated for a long time, your computer can slow down due to containing too many junk files and overfilled trash. You need an absolute cleanup tool like Cleanup to remove them permanently from the system in order to optimize and refresh computer`s functions, enhance its speed and also efficiency. The application can eliminate various file formats on the hard drive as well as junk Files.

- Clear Internet access data.

With this utility you can clear up all vestiges after using Internet Explorer such as History, Favourties, Cookies, etc. and protect your private information on the computer safely.

- Notify after each removal.

The feature Enable Sound on the application will help you recognize a removal by a warning sound. After the removal process ends (removing junk files, cookies, cache, etc,), a dialog will notify that Cleanup has finished and inform the number of deleted files and the amount of freed capacity on the hard drive.

- Customize to restart the system.

CleanUp also requires you to restart the system to end the process so that the computer can run more smoothly. However, if it is unnecessary and if you are performing important tasks, you can choose to restart the computer later.

- Be lightweight and easy-to-use.

CleanUp is a powerful cleanup tool, but rather lightweight and compatible with many operating systems without occupying much the system resources. Compared to other programs with the same function, CleanUp is much better in terms of speed and configuration.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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