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Kevin Pham

Clock Saver supports users to establish the clock wallpaper with the function to make the computer screen vivid and eye-catching . It also integrates the tool to protect your computer screen.

Clock Saver is a lightweight utility which helps you make your desktop more beautiful with the image of a green digital clock and the flexible display size and location on the screen.
This tool features to display the 12 - hour format, customize the current time, AM/PM setting with the specific hour, minute, second and current day of a week.

Furthermore, Clock Saver also supports to shutdown Windows and your computer automatically after an idle period.

With Clock Saver, your computer will be both beautified and protected safely. This is really an attractive tool any users also want to possess.

Key features of Clock Saver:

- Decorate the desktop.

You feel too familiar and bored with the windows wallpaper repeated daily whenever you use the computer. Create the new style for your Desktop with the digital clock of Clock Saver which both decorates and protects your computer.

- Preview how the clock will display.

Clock Saver allows users to preview how the clock will display on the computer screen so that you can adjust appropriately. Users can adjust the clock to be in the center of the screen or move it horizontally and vertically on your screen.

- Display much information on the interface.

With this utility, you can view information about internet connection, computer pin status, calendar reminder, date, etc.

- Protect the computer screen.

The program allows shutting down or restarting the computer automatically. This function protects your computer absolutely while you do not use it.

- Establish how the clock moves on the screen.

With Clock Saver users can establish the time cycle so that the clock moves automatically on the screen in a straight line or diagonally.

 - Have the user-friendly interface.

This utility is friendly with all Windows and easy to use.  Clock Saver is a multi - functional clock for Windows. With this software you really create a new style for desktop with lots of different unique interfaces so that it can inspire you to work effectively with the computer.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download Clock Savers
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