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Cloudy for Gmail is the cloud storage service and an extension on Chrome which allows attaching files to your Gmail based on the cloud technology. The advantage of this utility is that it supports attaching files to your emails directly without reloading them from your computer. This utility is both safe and time-saving.

Cloudy for Gmail can attach any file from cloud storage services to Gmail without downloading them to your computer hard drive. This service allows saving large-sized files and also forwarding files to other people when you share them via email. This helps you save time in searching as well as browsing files.

Cloudy for Gmail replaces for the default attachment function in Gmail almost completely. By default, if you select "Attach file" symbol in Gmail, you will have to browse folders on your computer for files you want. However, with Cloudy for Gmail, a window will appear so that you can select files you want from cloud storage services.

Cloudy for Gmail links to multiple cloud storage services like ropbox, Box, Google Drive, Facebook and image sharing services like Picasa, Flickr or Instagram. Hence, you can select necessary files easily. Cloudy for Gmail is closely integrated with your Chrome and compatible with both of old and new versions of Gmail.

Main features of Cloudy for Gmail :

- Support attaching files from cloud storage services to Gmail
- Replace for "Attach file" function in Gmail
- Link to multiple cloud storage services
- Be closely integrated with Chrome

  • Main function - Cloudy for Gmail:

Updated date: 04/24/2014

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