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CMOS De-Animator is a utility that provides users with smart tool for disabling CMOS system easily and quickly.

CMOS De-Animator is a lightweight program that can run on popular Windows operating systems so users can download and use it at ease.

CMOS De-Animator offers users the tools for exporting error messages and handling dialog boxes successfully. With CMOS De-Animator, you don’t need to seek extra supporting software for help.

Also, CMOS De-Animator offers default settings to reset BIOS password after restarting. With given tools, you can conduct CMOS testing on your own accord easily and effectively.

In using CMOS De-Animator, users should remember that if the program displays a message “Process is complete” but no immediate changes happen to CMOS, you shouldn’t be worried. You only run the application and confirm the admin rights, you will solve this problem next time.

Main functions of CMOS De-Animator:

- Provide users with tools to export error messages and handle dialog boxes effectively and easily.
- Offer default settings, and reset BIOS with password or without password at ease.

Updated date: 07/03/2014

Free Download CMOS De Animator 32 bit
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