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ComboFix is a free software developed by sUBs. ComboFix is designed to scan and delete malware, spyware to clean infected programs, or even remove them.

ComboFix is a free software developed by sUBs. This software helps users eliminate all malware hiding in their computers while other antivirus software cannot. If ComboFix is used properly, it can clean your computer handily without the support from any other antivirus software. ComboFix is designed to scan the computer, detect and delete malware, spyware (SurfSideKick, QooLogic, and Look2ME as well as many other malicious programs).

Different from other antivirus software, ComboFix does not have automatic protection, it just works on users request. Firstly, ComboFix will scan your computer to detect malicious programs hiding in your system. After scanning, ComboFix will delete the detected virus. Then, your computer will operate as usual without the existence of any virus or malware. Combofix will give you a scanning report which you can use to find and eliminate infected files that the software cannot delete. More particularly, ComboFix can work well even when other antivirus software are disable by virus.

ComboFix can automatically find and delete virus. Users only have to start the program, Combofix will automatically search and delete files at high speed. Beside finding and deleting virus, ComboFix is also an effective tool to clean the computer. When scanning, this software can remove all files that other uninstalled applications left. The scanning process of Combofix is very quickly, just less than 10 minutes while other antivirus software may take more time.
Outstanding features of ComboFix:

- Automatically update.

- Have ability to be installed even when the computer is infected seriously.

- Have high scanning speed.

- Eliminate spyware.

- Clean your computer.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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