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Connectify me is a tool to help you turn your computer into a hotspot provided that it is connected to the internet.

Connectify me is the tool which can turn your computer to a hotspot. In addition, this tool is also integrated with some more features such as the firewall to protect your computer better.

Connectify me allows other devices to connect to the computer which acts as a hotspot. You can connect computers, smartphones, PS3, Xbox 360 to your computer.

Connectify me supports users share files or folders from computers in the connection through this software. The capacity of shared file is not limited provided that you computer has enough free space.

Main features of Connectify me

- Support connecting devices: helps users connect wifi supporting devices through a personal computer installed with this software. The wifi speed is high without any interruptions. also allows Playstation 3 and Xbox360 of Microsoft, PSP, Nintendo DS to connect to the PC easily. does not limit the number of connections, so you can access freely.

- Support sharing files between wifi hotspot and connected devices:

Connectifyme also enables you to share data between devices in the network connection. You can share a film, program, or a song between two devices in a second. You can also use Drag and Drop function to transfer files at high speed to save much time.

- Integrate high security and firewall:

Connectify me also supports users by setting password protection to secure your computer against the attack of virus and other connections to your computer. Besides, the software to create wifi on personal computer is also integrated with a firewall to help you block attacks from spyware, malicious codes, botnet, etc.

- Monitor and control device accessing to the network: enables you to monitor and control connecting to the wifi network that you created. Therefore, you can remove a device connecting to your connect easily. In addition, also allows users to invite another computer or device to connect to their network.

- Turn 3G/4G connections to Wifi:

Beside internet connection, also allows users to share 3G/4G network with other computers easily. Internet accessing speed hardly fluctuates and always remains high stability.

- Be compatible with most of Windows versions: can work well on most of Windows versions, even Windows 64bit because after being installed, the software will automatically configure to fit your system the best. If there occurs any errors, will automatically send reports to developer team for the solution as soon as possible.

- Support Lan network when there is no Internet connection: also enables users to create virtual wifi when there is no internet connection to transfer data between computers, Thus allowing you to transfer files without portable devices or internet connection.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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