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CoolNovo Portable is a web browser based on Google Chrome but it brings users with much more useful tools for quickly browsing the web without too many manipulations.

CoolNovo Portable allows users to open multiple tabs for browsing many websites simultaneously to capture information sufficiently and accurately for their work. This feature helps you ensure that your work is always smooth as well as satisfies your hobby of reading newspapers or news.

With CoolNovo Portable, you are also supported with drag and drop feature to import links for opening a new tab. This outstanding feature is very essential for users to reduce mouse clicks as well as avoid inputting wrong website addresses. Thereby, users - even new Internet users can open websites to view them.

In addition, CoolNovo Portable can navigate websites with just several simple operations of the sensor such as switching tabs, bookmarking websites, and assimilating bookmarks, add on, etc. Thereby, it will be much more convenient for users to browse the webs as well as save time for this work thanks to a very high web navigation speed.

Key features of CoolNovo Portable:

- Allow opening multiple tabs for browsing web.
- Support drag & drop feature to input links and opening new websites.
- Allow navigating websites such as switching tabs, bookmarking websites, and assimilating bookmarks, add on, etc.
- Be capable of saving and directly running from portable devices.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

Free Download CoolNovo Portable
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