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CPU-Z (32bit) is the tool designed to test parameters related to CPU such as CPU, Caches, Mainboard, Memory, SPU, etc.

CPU-Z (32 bit) is designed to help you test and returns information related to components in CPU like CPU, Caches, Mainboard, Memory, SPU, etc. Besides, it also allows you to archive or print these notifications to serve for later tests.

CPU-Z (32 bit) is the dedicated version for computer systems using RAM 32G. The program comprises separate tabs testing different parameters. When relevant components in CPU starts, the program will automatically test and scan the whole computer system, then display relevant parameters on the main interface based on each Tab. Thanks to these parameters, you can know the computer performance.

The program runs powerfully on all versions of the Windows operating system. It is the efficient tool for testing as well as monitoring all activities of relevant components on the computer.

Main features of CPU-Z (32 bit).

- Test relevant components of CPU.

On the CPU Tab, information about components in CPU will be displayed clearly with name of microprocessors, source code, packages, technology, technical information, Model, Cache levels, Bus speed, Core speed, etc.

- Check the Cache memory.

CPU-Z (32 bit) provides information related to the Cache memory such as capacity of the memory, analysis by levels which are distinguished clearly (level 1, 2, 3), specifications and available attributes.

- Check information about the Mainboard.

Information about motherboards like name of the producer, Model types, bridges, sensors, BIOS versions, version of the graphic interface, transmission speed, etc.

- Monitor information about the memory.

Memory information are displayed on the Memory Tab so that you can know information about RAM types, capacity and time parameters.

- SPU information.

You can use the SPU tab of CPU-Z (32 bit) to test technical information of the RAM memory in specific slots of CPU.

- Information about graphic microprocessor.

The Graphhics function helps you catch most accurate information related to graphic Microprocessors such as name, name of code, specific browsing code, technological standards, clocks, size and memory types.

- Offer information about versions of CPU-Z (32 bit).

Information related to versions of CPU-Z like name of author, the homepage, versions of Windows, DirectX are displayed in detailed in the About folder.

- Save information in the form of the report.

Like other computer testing programs such as GPU-Z, PC Wizard hay HD Tune, CPU-Z (32 bit) allows saving information about the computer test in text formats like TXT, HTML. These files are archived to use for test, comparison with later results or printing into paper documents or sending via Email, etc.

- Have the lightweight capacity, run powerfully.

The program has the lightweight capacity, occupies little the system resources, but what it brings is very powerful. CPI-Z runs compatibly on all versions of Windows such as Win 9x/ME/VISTA/XP/7/8, even old computers. It provides features for testing the status of relevant components in CPU accurately.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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