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CPUCool is a software that monitors and controls PC’s CPU temperature, announces timely if any paranormal situations happen. It allows users to keep track of CPU core’s outside and inside temperature, so it can adjust most reasonably to the whole system.

CPUCool is capable of monitoring CPU’s operations, fan’s speed, data-transferring capacity in hard disk and RAM-utilizing capacity. After all, it will display this status in detail, under a map with most detailed properties.

This utility allows users to choose a certain range of time to update parameter changes in CPU or RAM. These changes will enable users to control the entire system’s stability

CPUCool also helps users to adjust FrontSideBus, which means to change CPU’s frequency. Additionally, this program supports in optimizing old-version CPU’s functions to enhance system’s performance.

CPUCool’s key features:

- A tool is designed to monitor CPU operation.

CPUCool is a CPU-monitoring utility, adjust CPU’s temperature timely. Users then will be able to set limit of CPU’s speed or overclock CPU up to its ceiling level, while ensuring the suitable temperature. In addition, this program even display detailed PC RAM’s properties.

-Be compatible to various Chipset.

This utility integrates with many types of chipset such as Intel, ALI, VIA, AMD and SIS. You can keep track of the mainboard’s temperature, voltage and fan speed as well as dial-up model’s specifications and operating system. Meanwhile, you also keep track of ACPI, GPU’s temperature and NVidia graphics card’s fan speed when utilizing laptop.

-Support shortcuts.

While using this software, users are provided with a composed shortcut keys to shut down the computer rapidly. Users also easily access software’s features with no requirement of complex manipulations.

Updated date: 10/26/2013

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