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CPUID HWMonitor is the application which supports users to provide and read parameters relevant to computer hardware. The program can handle common chips and read temperature of hard drive through S.M.A.R.T technology and video card GPU temperature.

CPUID HWMonitor provides users information about computer hardware such as  CPU, motherboard, video card, hard drive`s S.M.A.R.T data, system fan speed.  This program can handle most sensor chips like  ITE IT87, Winbond ICs,etc. It can also read and identify temperature of the hard drive through S.M.A.R.T and video card GPU temperature.

CPUID HWMonitor helps users control and monitor the status of all components on the system easily. It will notify users of existing problems so that they can find appropriate solutions. An advantage of this tool is that it is compatible with special hardware sensors in some components  including mainboard and power supply monitoring technology from Abit, Gigabyte, and others

CPUID HWMonitor displays statistical data in a tree view in the software's dialog interface  including voltages, temperatures, and fan speeds for your Asus motherboard's Winbond sensor and core temperatures for your Intel CPU. Compared to other software of the same function, this utility is easy to use and brings higher accuracy.

Main features of CPUID HWMonitor:

- Monitor computer hardware
- Be able to handle most sensor chips
- Provide information about voltage, temperature, fan speed, etc.
- Display parameters in the tree view
- Be easy to use and have the high accuracy

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download CPUID HWMonitor
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