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Crypto Obfuscator For Net brings the comprehensive protection for source codes and commands in many languages. It uses modern technologies to control flow obfuscation, protect the resources and minimize metadata.

Crypto Obfuscator For Net supports users to protect source code and intellectual property rights from being stolen or decompiled from hackers, crackers or competitors. It will help you save lots of time and efforts in editing and protecting the source code.

Crypto Obfuscator For Net contributes to increase the performance of source code editors such as C +, VB.Net, Managed C + +, J +, etc. It also supports WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone 8/7, Class, WinRT / Metro, Mono Android, Mono Touch, Unity3D, Compact Framework, Net Micro Framework, XNA. It helps prevent XAP, XAML / BAML files from annoying, control Flow Obfuscation, support PDB files and others.

Crypto Obfuscator For Net integrates metadata reduction features, creates code encryption sequences, use smart rules and automatic exclusion. This is the powerful and easy-to-use application to protect the source code, improve the performance and optimize deploying your applications when you proceed source code editor.

Main features of Crypto Obfuscator For Net:

- Rename the symbol in the source code.

Crypto Obfuscator renames all your classes, schools, methods, parameters and the common parameter to create code sequences which are completely different from the original. Thus, no user can identify the original name from new codes as well as know functions from this new name.

- Provide lots of methods to rename codes.

Crypto Obfuscator can also rename the field or methods with different signatures so that they have the same name. For example, two fields or two methods which have different parameters will be provided with the same name. On the other hand, the program can also rename all classes, use the disguised name. Thus, noone can reverse or steal your source code because it is very difficult to distinguish between exclusion signs and puzzling symbols.

- Report exceptional cases automatically.

Crypto Obfuscator is able to detect any exceptional cases which are out of its control and it can automatically create a service specialized in notifying these problems. A full report includes detailed information about parameters and time. All reports about exceptions can be downloaded automatically from the service and check right inside Crypto Obfuscator.

- Support various versions of .Net framework.

Crypto Obfuscator supports all versions of .Net Framework, added to Net Compact Framework, Silverlight and XNA. The program also develops features to encode, embed and compress source code created from lots of languages, reduce metadata, delete repeated code sequences, etc. This is really a comprehensive toolkit which protects the source code. It will help save time and costs for solving problems related to the source code considerably.

Updated date: 12/18/2013

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