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CyberLink YouCam is a popular tool for laptops which allows users to record and take photos right on the computer. This software provides a wide range of effects and supports a lot of chat applications.

CyberLink YouCam provides users with unique features and tools to use their Webcam with diversified effects.  It can record and take photo to help you interact with friends and track the activities such as online chatting.

cyberlink youcam
CyberLink YouCam - Record and take photo with Webcam

This program support different effects to add to the background of the videos and photos to make them more lively.  

CyberLink YouCam can be used for popular chatting software such as Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger or Skype to create unique videos.

Main features of CyberLink YouCam:

- Support recording and photographing on the computer:

Your conversations with family and friends will become much more interesting than solely typing.  You and your friends can see each other through a slow motion video and capture any moment that you like.

- Provide diversified recording and photographing effects:

CyberLink YouCam provides over 20 emotional icons for you when chatting with friends such as happy, sad, cry, surprised, love, angry, curious, etc. to inset directly to the video.  It also offers 9 frames and 9 options for filter effects to insert into the chatting video.  You can also change your image and create funny ones to share with friends.

- Export the record to video:

This application supports users export the chatting video to WMV formats with different parameters, so you can create unique videos and save them to watch again.  You can also share these videos via email, or social networks.

- Edit export videos:

CyberLink Youcam adopts modern and advanced technology to ensure the quality for the videos. You can also adjust the brightness, color effects, eliminate unexpected sections from the Video before exporting them.
- Provide interactive Avatar effect:

CyberLink Youcam provides a collection of unique Avatars for you to choose and use during your conversation.  These avatars will act like human in a lively and funny way such as wink, smile, cheeky, etc. You can also create your own avatar.
- Provide interactive drop effect:

This software also support themes with lively drop effect such as rain, snow, yellow leaves, falling stars, etc.  You can fruly choose a dramatic background to make the conversation less boring.

- Provide interactive object effect:

You can easily insert your image into objects such as dolls, frames, wine label, etc. Then, you can move these objects on the screen just in some clicks and drags.

- Protect the computer:

Basing on the time that the users set, this application allows users to track and control the computer when there is someone using your computer without permission.

- Update effects from big websites:

This software allows users to download the additional effects from big website on the internet and add them into the program's collection.


Updated date: 04/24/2015

Download CyberLink YouCam
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