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D3DGear can measure the framerate of games, 3D applications and also display the framerate on the screen. Recorded videos will be converted into common Video formats so that you can playback them in programs in Windows. In addition, the program allows capturing scenes of the game.

D3DGear is a lightweight and simple utility which helps you record 3D games and capture game screenshots. Initiate the utility before playing 3D games, then the framerate of 3D games will be measured and displayed on the screen automatically. Capturing screenshots will be done quickly through hotkeys.

Recorded Videos will be saved in AVI format so that you can open them by programs in Windows. This software enables you to view FPS parameters when playing games, know the game processing ability of the system, identify causes of screen flickering or problems which affect games. Moreover, it also gives you options about font color of FPS parameters and the size of FPS area.

D3DGear saves captured images in BMP, JPG, TGA, PNG, HDR, DDS, etc., adds information to captured images such as printing framerate or date in images, displays messages when capturing or captures continuously until you press hotkeys.  The program will automatically adjust the resolution appropriately when recording Video.

Main features of D3DGear:

- Record Video on 3D games
- Capture game screenshots
- Save images in common formats
- Display FPS parameters when playing games
- Support hotkeys effectively

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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