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DameWare Mini Remote Control supports users to control a computer from every distance via conducting a series of activities with the system like with their currently-used computer. The software also permits remote data transfer and application installation.

DameWare Mini Remote Control can control a computer from distance via mouse and keyboard. You can access folders from drives on the supported computer, install software from distance, transfer data at a high speed and ensure an absolute data security.

DameWare Mini Remote Control can work on internal computers with DWRCC.EXE format. Users are allowed to select control modes for other computers such as displaying in full-screen of the remote computer, lock mouse and keyboard of the remote computer, open default folders when sharing files with SFT feature or breaking connection with the remote computer.

DameWare Mini Remote Control supports a variety of network connection protocols, is easily installed and ensures data security. This is a very practical tool for many administrators and anyone who needs to manage their system.

Key features of DameWare Mini Remote Control:

- Support remote computer control
- Help install applications from other computer
- Transfer data at a high speed
- Manipulate the computer controlling process in a versatile manner
- Support various network connections

Updated date: 08/11/2014

Download DameWare Mini Remote Control
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