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Dead Pixel Locator is a simple and lightweight tool which is used to check LCD monitor and Plasma display for dead pixels. This software uses modern technologies to detect dead pixels of which color is different from the background color.

Dead pixels are spots on the screen and cause bothersome color difference. The reason of this problem is because a certain pixel displays just some particular colors. With Dead Pixel Locator, owners of new LCD monitor or Plasma display can detect this error more easily.

Dead Pixel Locator uses the intelligent technology to detect dead pixels by applying standard colors to the screen one by one. Then, pixels which display the different color from the background color are dead pixels. This feature helps you test the quality of a LCD monitor before you decide to buy it.

Dead Pixel Locator is easy to use and can work on floppy disk, CD or USB. Each manufacturer sets out the maximum number of dead pixels on the screen before launching its products to the market. When you check the product, if it exceeds this maximum number, you can ask for another product.

Main features of Dead Pixel Locator:

- Detect dead pixels on LCD monitor or Plasma display
- Use the modern technology, detect dead pixels accurately
- Display dead pixels of which color is different from the background color
- Can run on floppy disk, CD or USB

  • Main function - Dead Pixel Locator:

Updated date: 04/24/2014

Free Download Dead Pixel Locator
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