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Deep Freeze Enterprise for Linux is the most trustful utility in freezing hard drives with the ability of protecting your computer from virus infection. Also, it supports restoring the system to the initial state after restarting.

During the operation, your system is often infected with virus and Trojan. Virus usually attacks system files directly, so your computer will not run as you want. Hence, system freezing software like Deep Freeze Enterprise is necessary to avoid this risk.

It prevents and kills malware that attack important data and all things related to system such as applications, software. The tool ensures the default state of the computer after rebooting.

This is a really useful for computer Administrators to control local computers effectively. It saves their time and cost in maintaining the system. Also, the software ensures safety, stability and performance of computer network.

Key features of Deep Freeze Enterprise:

-    Freeze system of hard drive.
-    Secure the system.
-    Ensure safety and improve performance of computer system.
-    Use it easily.
-    Support multi-language.

Updated date: 07/02/2014

Download Deep Freeze Enterprise for Linux
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